Fetus have memories too?

Reading stories to your unborn child is entertainment not only for siblings but, as well as your fetus. Singing songs is also stimulation for the body and mind of a fetus. Although science has developed many high tech devices it is still the plain basics that involves not only positive development in the fetus but, the mother's health as well.
While being pregnant women usually keep a healthy attitude, diet, overall physical being. Regular exercise and eating plenty of brain food is a very essential for keeping emotional balance. Excellent reference for "brain foods for kids".
is by Nicola Graimes.
Fetus who get small amounts of flax in their diets is an addition to brain development. Making a small bowl of oatmeal with a tea spoon of flax in the morning is very nutritious for both mother to be and fetus.
What to expect; When your expecting is a great reference to have on hand. With types of recipes to help before and threw a pregnancy. Also; many questions you may have with symptoms to watch for or answer's to symptoms, if you need to be concerned with or not.

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