Raw Food

Raw foodism has been a popular diet reguarding health benefits that out number those of cooked food over 104 F. Studies have shown that the enzymes in raw food help the body against chronic illnesses. The benefits are better skin, more engery, weight loss, overall health is improved with a raw food diet.

The diet usally consits of veg., fruits, animal products, grains, nuts, legunies. Some of these call for preparing a day of two ahead of time. A source I found to be easy step by step in prepairing raw foods is kristen raw foods. Such as rice, grains, and sprouts need to be put in water to sprout. Nuts should be soaked to in order to activate their enzymes, and deactivate enzyme inhibitors.

Raw animal products such as meats, fish, eggs, milk, can be eaten raw. Raw food dieters claim that cooking food produces harmful chemical toxins. Potential harmful effects in cooking food which are thought to increase cancer risk in humans.

In cooking meats the break down of cells so that the digestive system can digest food more easily has been sugested. Microwaving at high temperatures have been shown to significantly reduce the anti-infective factors in human milk.

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