Is Your Child Sleeping With You?

Is Your Child Sleeping With You?

Some years back when sleeping with your child was against regulations from the health officials. I would still sleep with my baby and still do. A good relationship has to deal with being patient, loving, informative, and able to negotiate. Reasons that I had first started this topic were because of the controversial issues that were in the head lines. More articles that I have read made my conclusion better rounded.

My list of links will ensure a more in-depth look at why sleeping with your kids is questioned and feared. Mostly I was reassured that I had made the right decision. Sleeping with my child is a comfort to him as well as a starting point for independently.

I have always believed that no matter what stage is expected of him because of age, sex, religion, etc… My son is where he needs to be until he is ready. When he is ready for the next step he will take it willingly. Forcing a child to do something is not a loving manner. If you are a parent who is a believer in conditioning your child then I think you will agree that they will achieve a task when they are ready.

Shhh...My Child Is Sleeping (in My Bed, Um, With Me)

Sleeping With Your Kids
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

By William Saletan
Updated Friday, Dec. 30, 2005, at 9:03 AM ET

Go Ahead—Sleep With Your Kids
The urge is natural. Surrender to it.

By Robert Wright
Posted Friday, March 28, 1997, at 3:30 AM ET

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