Bad Behavior & Good Behavior

Have you ever noticed how children react to situations differently at different stages of their life? The toterace level for infants, the pain and pleasure for toddlers, learning how to be sympathetic during early grade school.

These are the stepping stones in which many children take development of being good vs bad. The comprehension of this could be reading a story to explain why a child should behave in such a way. Making the end result more desirable and appealing than getting a negative feeling about themselves and from those that love them. Getting into trouble leaves children who understand guilt feelings of low self-worth and their self-esteem is not high. As a parent making a healthy level of feelings; not too much, or too little of any one.

Stories have a way of explaining things where the child is not getting told how to behave but, as to gain insight and an opinion on how that story character should act and behave. This not only helps parents to gain some different tools in teaching right from wrong but, in fact teaches in the third person so, as not to put the child at a defense level.

Having a accusation puts many on a defense where lying, angry feelings, and bad acts happen. This can be resolved by a different approach. Working with a story will get the message across and help resolve the issue in a peaceful manner. And that's a lesson all by it's self.

I recommend reading the Good and Bad Behavior by Richard A. Gardner. I am not being paid for this non do I represent the author.

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